Leigh Ann Rowe

Angeleno at heart, Dana Point by good fortune, I love to shoot and always have.  I love beautiful things and always have.  I mind the details and always have.  I love to travel and will NEVER stop.  I love finding the beauty through my lens, whether that’s the tiny hand of a newborn, the still life scenes of interiors and architecture, the beautiful light in an old home or a family gathered together on the beach to memorialize a life milestone.  I have a strong reverence for all things living and I'd follow my husband and the Lumineers to the end of the earth.  I like to quietly watch, look, see and feel through my camera.  Thank you to so many for sharing your lives, souls, families and special moments with me.  I’ve treasured every one.

I quit the corporate day job to pursue what I love, at long last.